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Supplier of cable assemblies

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of cable assembly and widespread contacts across the globe, we can offer cable assembly services at highly competitive prices. By tactically distributing the assembly process of cables and wires over multiple production locations, we always have a fitting solution for you when it comes to the price/delivery time ratio. We produce large amounts in China or Poland. Via an efficient import channel, we keep the costs low, the quality high and the delivery times short. Smaller batches, specials, or projects that require a very short lead time are assembled in the Netherlands.

Cable assembly

We have been assembling cables for over 30 years. From simple connecting cables to complete cable harnesses, we make it all. By now, our cable assemblies have found their way into many sectors. From military, healthcare, aviation, road and tunnel construction, machine construction to consumer electronics.

Power or control current, zero halogen or resistant against hazardous substances or high temperatures. Flexible or rigid, with UL certification, flat cables, anything is possible. If you are not sure which cable assembly you need, we are happy to help you.

Wire assembly

Wire to wire, wire to board, board to wire, large volumes, Tyco, AMP, JST, Molex, you name it. Thanks to the cost benefit compared to cable, we often use loose threads. If necessary, these can be fixed using heat-shrink tubing or cable ties.

Lower material prices combined with fewer labour hours per assembly are only two of the advantages of using wire. Moreover, the result is often lighter compared to production with cable, and the diameter is smaller. Even for large volumes, we are highly skilled in wire assemblies.


Power supplies

Power supplies come in many types. We use and supply them all: Toroidal transformers, adapters, DIN rail power supplies and block transformers. Are you looking for a certain type, or do you know the power consumption and the socket type? We can send you a fitting quote.


Separate contacts or reels of 30,000 pieces, we have it and we will deliver. From 1 piece, if possible. Of course, we also offer fitting tooling.

By cleverly purchasing in various countries, we offer the lowest prices and shortest delivery times. So, if you are looking for MOlex, JST, TE Tyco / AMP or any other brand, submit your request with your wishes and we will quickly send you a quote.

LED products

Led lighting is being used more and more each day. Long durability and low power consuming combined in compact designs are setting new standards.

The prices are becoming more and more competitive too, and the possibilities are growing. We recently started working with a large manufacturer, allowing us to offer you sharp deals for your product (wishes). Please do not hesitate to ask about the options.